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Covenant College, The denominational college of the PCA


biology from a christian perspective

there are few academic or professional disciplines that hold as much intrigue with regards to the world god has created than that of biology.
at covenant, we believe that a faithful response to god’s living world requires breadth and depth in the academic discipline of biology, as well as consideration of various aspects of the discipline as a human endeavor; therefore, we engage in critical analysis of how biology is done and how it is represented in our culture, based on our christian perspective.


the biology program at covenant college

biology can be taken as a major or a minor and is also an integral part of many related academic areas, including pre-medicine, pre-nursing, pre-physical therapy, pre-veterinary studies, pre-dentistry, and pre-ophthalmology. there are three tracks within the biology major—the biomedical option, the environmental option, and the general professional option—each of which includes a standard set of courses in general biology, chemistry, and physics.



the results

the biology program’s rigor, emphasis on hands-on learning, and deeply committed and caring faculty thoroughly prepare students for their post-college careers. our graduates have entered the professional world in such areas as medical research, biotechnology, aviculture, teaching, banking, politics, and writing. others have pursued graduate and professional training at such institutions as:

  • vanderbilt university college of medicine
  • university of alabama school of dentistry
  • notre dame university
  • university of georgia college of veterinary medicine
  • california college of podiatric medicine
  • vanderbilt university school of nursing
  • georgetown university college of medicine
  • stanford university college of medicine


"dr. morris has impacted my thinking the most because he has helped me realize the beauty and intricacy of god’s design in creation. when explaining difficult topics in biology, he always takes a moment to discuss how a christian should think and respond to the topic we are studying."
- samara barbee '22 | biology minor


VIEWpoints with Prof. Heath Garris

listen to dr. heath garris, assistant professor of biology, discuss the science and politics of climate change and how the church can respond to the challenges of this potentially divisive issue.

Faith Manning

"covenant is currently preparing me to enter an accelerated nursing program. the rigorous courses are allowing me to become equipped to make sure nursing school is a breeze for me."
 - biology major faith manning '21